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Monday 4 February 2013

Phytiva / XCHC pump-and-dump

This pump-and-dump spam (at least I assume that's what it is) caught my eye,

From:     Hugh Crouch [tacticallyf44@riceco.com]
Date:     4 February 2013 12:39
Subject:     RE: Targeting the global Cosmoceutical market

US leading biotech company is please to introduce a newly launched brand - a hybrid of a proven, existing product line that has been well-managed and conservatively-run for over a decade with a hemp-based product line, utilizing the unique and potent benefits of the plants. Revolutionary formulations target not just the symptom, but also the cause. The plant is the ideal basis for healing solutions and has been utilized for centuries, as skin responds extremely well to its properties.

Its newest Plant based Product lines that have identified over a dozen ailments that we believe that the products will be the superior choice on the market. These ailments include cancer, arthritis, influenza, HIV/ AIDS, PTSD and many more.

We are looking for leading beauty and health care investors. If you are dedicated to making difference in people”s lives, we need your help now more than ever before toprovide excellent and efficient medical and health care for our future researches.
For more information, please visit

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The email originates from in the Islamic Republic of Iran, spamvertising a site at www.xn--80aakfmpm2afbm.xn--p1ai (yes, that's a valid international domain name) hosted on in China. In all likelihood, Phytiva and its parent company The X-Change Corporation (stock ticker XCHC) are almost definitely nothing to do with this rather odd spam. Avoid.

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Bachi said...

I'm not sure if this is just spam or leads to a drive-by malware attack. The "unsubscribe" page looks suspicious and has a javascript which "preloads" some (not shown) GIF images (and GIF images had their issues some years ago already)