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Friday 8 March 2013

RU:8080 and Amerika spam runs

For about the past year I have seen two very persistent spam runs leading to malware, typically themed along the lines of fake emails from the BBB, LinkedIn, NACHA, USPS and ADP.

The most obvious characteristic of one of the spam runs in the use of a malware landing page containing .ru:8080, registered through NAUNET to the infamous "private person". In order to aid researchers, I have labelled this series as RU:8080. You can see some current nastiness in action at Malware Must Die.

But there's a second spam run as well, which appears to be similarly themed but using different servers. In this case, the domains registered are typically .net, .org and .com emails (with .pro and .biz used from time-to-time). These domains are registered with fake names and addresses purporting to be in the US, but indicators show that this spam may well originate from within Russia.

I've labelled this series as Amerika (yes, there was a TV show of the same name) because frankly the domains are about as American as apple pie sharlotka. The Amerika spam run is a little harder to identify, so there may be some errors in it.

I don't have any deep insight into either spam run or the payloads they deliver, but if you are interested in looking more deeply at the patterns then hopefully this will be of some use!

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