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Tuesday 26 March 2013

Wire Transfer spam / hondatravel.ru

This fake Wire Transfer spam leads to malware on hondatravel.ru:

From: messages-noreply@bounce.linkedin.com [mailto:messages-noreply@bounce.linkedin.com] On Behalf Of LinkedIn
Sent: 26 March 2013 11:52
Subject: Re: Wire Transfer Confirmation (FED_4402D79813)

Dear Bank Account Operator,
WIRE TRANSFER: FED68081773954793456

Please REVIEW YOUR TRANSACTION as soon as possible.

The malicious payload is at [donotclick]hondatravel.ru:8080/forum/links/column.php (report here) hosted on: (Endurance International Group, US) (RapidDSL & Wireless, US)

These IPs were seen earlier with this attack.

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