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Friday 29 November 2013

Registered Express Corporation (RGTX) pump and dump spam

It's taken me a few days to get around to this due to moving house, but here's a new pump-and-dump spam run promoting a stock Registered Express Corporation (OTC:RGTX).

As ever, there are a massive number of different subjects and random body-texts, for example:

Subject: This Bottom Bouncer has taken off!
Subject: Our analysis right on the MONEY!
Subject: Seven Reasons To Love This Company
Subject: Breakout coming!
Subject: Get Ready for Another Money Making New Trade Idea Tomorrow
Subject: What a HUGE day we had!

Over The Counter Morning Highlight! Land Your Orders In Early
To Gain Big!!!

Registered Express Corporation (RG TX)
Per share price: 0.0148

Safe, Reliable, Secure. Confirmable Shipment of Electronic

Это сообщение свободно от вирусов и вредоносного ПО благодаря защите от вирусов avast!


Pink Sheet AM Alarm! Obtain Your Orders In Early To Score

Registered Express, Corp. (R_G-T X)
Buy at: $0.0148

Secure, Safe, Reliable. Verifiable Transfer of E-Documents.


Pink Sheet Daily Signal! Pull Your Buy Order In Soon To Rack Up

Latest Pricing: .0148

Safe, Reliable, Secure!!! Verifiable Delivery of Electronic


Exchange Morning Signal! Pull Your Buy Order In Beforehand To Rack Up

Registered Express Corporation (R_G T X)
Priced at: .0148

Secure, Safe, Reliable! Correct Delivery of E-Documents.


Happy Turkey Day

Exchange Morning Alert! Score Your Buy Order In Quick To Gain

Registered Express Corp (RG_TX)
Last Trade: $0.0148

Safe, Secure, Reliable!!! Confirmable Transmission of E-Docs.


Pink Sheet AM Alarm!!! Grab Your Buy Order In Quick To Gain Big!!!

Registered Express Corporation (R-G-T X)
Now: .0148

Secure, Safe, Reliable. Confirmable Consignment of E-Docs.
The spam volumes are not as high as some previous pump-and-dump runs, and the first incident that I can see is on Saturday 23rd November, a typical approach to try to pump the market when it opens on Monday morning.

RGTX has been through a few incarnations, most recently as a firm specialising the the secure transmission of electronics documents. According to its own reports [1] [2] this firm has never had an income, holds no notable cash reserves and basically borrows cash against its own intellectual property and business value. Registered Express says that it is a business in development, it is not clear if and when it will ever start to make an income.

A look at the stock charts show that shares are traded in moderate volumes. On the 21st and 22nd November (before the spam run) a total of 849,477 shares were traded, about ten times the volume of the previous two days.

We know from past experience that either the spammers or another involved part will move in and buy stock before the spam run. I estimate that about 750,000 shares were bought in this way at between $0.012 and $0.020.  Since then about three million shares have been traded, presumably people being motivated by the spam run or who are simply following the increase in volume with a speculative buy.

The folks at RGTX are probably not involved in the spam run. My previous analysis on these stocks indicates that these stocks are usually in terminal decline. Buying stocks on the basis of a spammed email would be exceptionally foolish and should be avoided.

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Koos van den Hout said...

Notable to me is that the symbol in the spam isn't exactly the right one. Searching for the version in the spam gives me mostly wordpress hosted blogs with postings exact like the spam messages. Trying to avoid spam detection software which knows about the latest pump'n'dump spams?