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Wednesday 7 May 2014

unitedtraderegister.eu / europeantraderegister.net spam

This spam is attempting to solicit signups for a worthless "World Trade Register" website.

From:     utr@unitedtraderegister.eu
Date:     7 May 2014 00:04
Subject:     Are you ready?
Signed by:     unitedtraderegister.eu

Dear Partner,

In order to have your company inserted in the
global trade register of partner companies for
the 2015/2016 edition you must print, complete
and send the enclosed form before the end of
next week to the following address:

World Trade Register
P.O. Box 3079
3502 GB Utrecht
The Netherlands

or fax it to:
Fax: +31 205 248 107

or reply to this email and attach the form to it.

Updating is free of charge!
To unsubscribe please visit this link:
In case the form is missing you can download it here:
The company behind this spam is a ROKSO-listed organisation called World Company Register / EU Business Register. A ROKSO listing basically means that this is one of the worst spammers currently in the world.

unitedtraderegister.eu forwards to europeantraderegister.net (and worldtraderegister.net is on the same server). This is an old-fashioned directory scam and it should be ignored.

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