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Tuesday 7 October 2014

DHL-themed phish goes to a lot of effort and then spoils it with Comic Sans

This DHL-themed phish is trying to harvest email credentials, but instead of just spamming out a link, it spams out a PDF file with the link embedded in it.

Date:     6 October 2014 23:32
Subject:     Package has been sent.

Your shipment(s) listed below is scheduled for delivery on Thursday next week.

Scheduled Delivery Date: Thursday, 10/09/2014

Shipment 2


Kindly please see attached file for shipment /delivery details and tracking procedure. You can also request a delivery change (e.g. reschedule or reroute) from the tracking detail.

Approximate Delivery Time: between 3:00 PM and 7:00 PM
DHL Service: DHL 2nd Day Air

We are pleased to provide you with delivery that fits your life.

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Look closely at the blurb at the bottom and it confuses DHL with UPS, but who reads that? Attached is a non-malicious PDF file DHL (1).pdf which contains a link to the phishing site.

So far, so professional. And a neat trick to use PDF files in this way as a lot of spam filters and anti-phishing tools won't spot it. The link in the PDF goes to where it has a rather less professional looking webpage that is phishing for general email addresses rather than DHL credentials.

With the grotty graphics and injudicious use of Comic Sans, it's hard to see how this would fool anyone into turning over their credentials.. but presumably they manage to harvest enough usernames and passwords to make it worthwhile.

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