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Friday 24 October 2014

Do people really fall for this?

Here's a simple phishing spam..
From:     info@kythea.gr
Date:     24 October 2014 13:50
Subject:     payment

this mail is to inform you that the payment have been made
see the attached file for the payment slip

Attached is a file payment Slip (2).html which displays a popup alert:
You have been signed out of this account this may have happened automatically cause the attachement needs authentication. to continue using this account, you will need to sign in again. this is done to protect your account and to ensure the privacy of your information
The victim then gets send to a phishing page, in this case at uere.bplaced.net/blasted/tozaiboeki.webmail.html which looks like this..

Ummm... do people really fall for this? The frightening answer is.. probably, yes.

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