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Wednesday 1 October 2014

uktservices.com "Booking Cancellation" spam /

I just had a mass of these purporting to be from uktservices.com ("UK Travel Services"), but in fact it is a forgery and does not come from them at all - they are not responsible for sending the spam and their systems have not been compromised.

From:     email@uktservices.com
Date:     1 October 2014 14:01
Subject:     Booking Cancellation


Your booking at 13:15 on 1st Oct 2014 has been Cancelled.

Here is a link to your updated bookings view:

< href="[redacted] ">http://www.uktservices.com/system/drivers/jobs/51/66c3a53705f1ea2c5b8a11c94c29c6328599a0fc
All the emails are somewhat mangled, but the first link in the email (not the uktservices.com link) goes to what appears to be an exploit kit:

The links in the emails I have seen so far go to:


In all cases, those pages forward to a malicious page at:


The IP of belongs to EDIS GmbH in Austria, and I suspect it has been hacked through an insecure Joomla installation.

I haven't been able to identify which exploit kit it is as it it has been hardened against analysis, but you can guarantee that this is malicious in some way or another.

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