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Monday 2 June 2008

Bizarre USPS scam

It's hard to tell what the scammer is trying here due to the amusingly bad English. Mail originates from the spammers favourite email service, Gmail ( but uses a French Yahoo! email address as a drop box with a Polish "From" address.

Clearly some sort of parcel scam where there will be a release fee of some description. Steer clear.

Subject: Please Contact Us With This Email Address Below (usps6864@yahoo.fr)
From: "markwillams2 Gazeta.pl"

Hello Dear,

Please i have to let you knowing this that your have reciverd your parcel,
and do not let me knowing about that since last year.

At this very point now, do to i have not heard from you to knowing the
sitution of things now, for your information track your parcel and you will
sean what am talking about please.

However if you knowing that you are not the one please do get back to me as
matter of urgent to day.please track and sean with this information Below


Label Number: 0515 0134 7110 8886 8806

Please Contact Us With This Email Address Below (usps6864@yahoo.fr)

Mark Williams

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