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Monday 13 February 2012

NACHA Spam / beaverday.biz

More fake NACHA spam, this time with a malicious payload on the domain beaverday.biz.

From:  The Electronic Payments Association office@officecar.ro
Reply-To:  The Electronic Payments Association
To:  itd@sos.com.ph
Date:  13 February 2012 10:06
Subject:  ACH transfer error

Dear Chief Accounting Officer,

We are sorry to inform you, that Direct Deposit payment (ID801400587332) has not been credited to the receiver account, because of partially missing banking details.

Direct Deposit procedure incomplete
Transaction ID :     801400587332
Details:     Please use the transfer correction request below provide the correct banking information.
Transfer Status     report-801400587332.doc (Micro soft Word Document)

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The payload is a Blackhole exploit kit at beaverday.biz/search.php?page=977334ca118fcb8c (Wepawet report here) which is hosted on (Central Host Inc / Zerigo.net), just a few IPs away from as used in this spam run a few days ago. I have also seen malicious activity on in the same /21.. perhaps Zerigo / Central Host have a problem? Block IPs as you feel is appropriate..

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