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Wednesday 22 February 2012

"Urgent! Check the access to your card!" / cpojkjfhotzpod.ru

Another malicious spam pointing to cpojkjfhotzpod.ru:8080

Date:      Wed, 21 Feb 2012 06:09:01 -0800
From:      "Keitha Hanks"
Subject:      Urgent! Check the access to your card!

We have detected operations with large amounts on your card which fact had not previously been observed. Please, familiarize yourself with the copies and contact us in case these transfers of amounts were not made by you.
operations screenshot.jpg 103kb

With best regards
Keitha Hanks
MD5 check sum: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

The link in the spam goes to a legitimate hacked site and then cpojkjfhotzpod.ru:8080/images/aublbzdni.php as seen in this spam run. Blocking the list of IPs mentioned in that post is probably prudent.

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