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Monday 3 December 2012

ADP spam / fsblimitedrun.pro

This fake ADP spam leads to malware on fsblimitedrun.pro:

From:     ADP Transaction Status
Date:     3 December 2012 17:55
Subject:     ADP Major Accounts Processed Case

Valued customer:


James lately covered Transaction at your account. Event # 433933082.

     Case Caption: 6CO7

      Incident Substantiation: Download

We at ADP obtain to create a personalized and client focused experience with every client interaction.
Please view transaction changed by
visiting the link below.

Click here - ADP Major Accounts Operation Progress mentioned above

Best Wishes,

     James Brooks

     Vice President of Customer Care Department ADP

     ADP Major Accounts



Please remember to complete your Semi-Annual Service Quality Survey!

Our Goal is to ensure you are VERY SATISFIED with each interaction you have with our Service Associates and we ask that you consider your overall experience in the 6 months preceding your receipt of the survey. We strive to provide WORLD CLASS SERVICE and determine our success by your satisfaction with ADP's services.


This e-mail was delivered from an robot account.

Please don't reply to this message. auomatic informational system unable to accept incoming email.

The malicious payload is at [donotclick]fsblimitedrun.pro/detects/survey_success-complete.php hosted on (Essar Wireless Kenya Ltd) along with the following malicious domain: fdic-update-install.info

Blocking access to this IP address would probably be prudent.

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