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Friday 9 May 2014

Dr. Annette Bosworth is a moron spammer

I'm not very interested in US politics, and I certainly don't live there. So why is this moron spammer trying to get me to vote for her?

From:     Anette Bosworth [anette.bosworth@bosworthcampaign.com]
Reply-To:     anette.bosworth@bosworthcampaign.com
Date:     9 May 2014 15:27
Subject:     Not Cool, Guys
Signed by:     bosworthcampaign.com

Honestly, who acts like this? 

This is my first run for political office.  I am a doctor, not a career politician, but I just couldn’t sit on the sidelines and watch what is happening to our great nation any longer.

I have always stood up for what I believe in.  The first time I stood up to a bully I was 7 years old.

Today, the biggest bully I see is the federal government.  I grew up on a working farm in Plankinton, South Dakota.  I am a doctor who works with the elderly and the poor.  The clinic I own is a small business.  In every area of work and life, there is just too much government interference.

Being a doctor, I understand how unfair and harmful Obamacare really is -- and I have vowed to repeal every single word of it.  I also pledge to cut taxes, defend the second amendment, and to protect the unborn.

Washington, D.C. insiders don’t want to see people like you and me change their way of doing business.

Change is possible, but it takes effort from all of us.

I am fighting for that change against an establishment insider with millions of dollars, much of it PAC money from special interest groups.

My opponent has so much PAC money, he can afford to be wasteful – and he is.  Just this week, he produced a slick advertisement for TV that didn’t even feature voters from the state of South Dakota.  And when he was caught, he didn’t even apologize -- he just threw the advertisement away.

That’s not how I do things.

I am a fiscal conservative.  I promise that if you donate now, your hard earned donation will be used in a responsible way to fight big government and wasteful spending.  I need your help to get there. Will you join me?

Absentee ballots in South Dakota are mailed out this month and that’s when voting begins – will you chip in $5 or more today?

The donation you make today will help us get our message to voters.

Dr. Annette Bosworth

To unsubscribe please click here

Dr. Annette Bosworth
2601 S. Minnesota Ave, Suite 105-129, Sioux Falls, SD, 57105

Paid for by Dr. Annette Bosworth for U.S. Senate

Contributions to Bosworth for US Senate are not tax deductible

It seems that she's a Doctor of some sort, but she opposes affordable healthcare. As a European we are constantly amazed and horrified at the way US healthcare professionals just let people die when the money runs out of their insurance policy.. if they have an insurance policy. Until Obama forced changes to the US healthcare system through it was 100 years behind that in Europe. Now it is only 80 years or so behind. Progress I guess.

Also, Annette Bosworth (or whatever idiot is spamming on her behalf) is attempting to solicit funds through fundly.com which violates their terms of service. Luckily she hasn't been able to recruit many other morons to her cause and has only raised $1,150 out of a target of $750,000.

Well, since this is an abuse of the Fundly terms of service, then getting it shut down and losing the funds could be a bit of a laugh.

The spam originates from two18.2bits.co ( and spamvertises a site at marketer.2bits.co ( Both these IPs are allocated to Limestone Networks in the US, but are suballocated to a customer called Joseph (Joey) Burzynski of ResistedNormalcy LLC and/or MarketKar.ma in Dallas. The email is digitally signed for the domain bosworthcampaign.com which has hidden WHOIS details.

Of course, this could be a subtle Joe Job intended to frame Annette Bosworth and make her look like a moron. But according to Joey Burzynski's own Facebook page at www.facebook.com/resistednormalcy/likes he "likes" Annette Bosworth. And tattoos. A lot.

There are plenty of other indicators online that Dr Bosworth has employed the promotional "talents" of Mr Burzynski.

I'm not the only one that thinks that this is spammy either, because Gmail says..

Presumably Annette Bosworth thinks that her point of view is so important that she can spam it out to people at random, regardless of where they live. I personally think she is a moron spammer and hope that the electors of South Dakota treat her accordingly.

UPDATE 12 May 2014: According to US law..
Contributions and donations may not be solicited, accepted, or received from, or made directly or indirectly by, foreign nationals who do not have permanent residence in the United States (i.e., those without green cards). This prohibition encompasses all US elections; including federal, state and local elections. 11 CFR 110.20(b).
So it would be prohibited for Dr Bosworth's campaign to accept a donation from me as I live in the UK and have never even visited to the US.

So it's probably a bad move that they accepted my ten bucks.

 There's a lively discussion about this over at the Madville Times.

UPDATE 13 May 2014: it has been said that Americans don't get irony. When I made my illegal $10 contribution to Annette Bosworth's campaign, I added the comment "Ten Bucks Well Spent!" because I knew that that accepting the money from a foreign donor would have some entertaining repercussions.

What I didn't expect was that not only would be donation be accepted, but that Dr Bosworth would also quote me on her Facebook page..

I like the comment "GOOD AMERICAN;;" (even with the spurious semicolons. Perhaps Americans don't understand semicolons either. I'm not sure I do) because of course I am British. And if Dr Bosworth's supporters knew my political leanings then they would assume I was the Spawn of Satan.

Interestingly, this means that they not only accepted the donation but someone took the time to review it.. surely then they should have spotted that I was not in the US.

Ten bucks well spent indeed!

And for those asking.. here is the receipt:

UPDATE 5 June 2014: Annette Bosworth has been arrested on charges of perjury.


Spamfighter said...

I could have sworn I held the patent and copyright on '_________ is a moron spammer'

Conrad Longmore said...

Ah, such a memorable phrase I felt it deserved another outing :) And whatever did happen to Bernie?

Unknown said...

I got this crap on my work account and I don't live anywhere near South Dakota (and I don't do politics at work). Grrrrr.

Old and Ignored said...

Read all you can stomach on this idiot here :


caheidelberger said...

What's the Fundly TOS violation?

Conrad Longmore said...

@caheidelberger the violation is that you can't promote your Fundly campaign through spam.

Kate said...

I'm sorry you were. This woman is a basket-case.

Thank you for bringing it to light, though!

Kate said...

I meant to say "sorry you were spammed."

Marc-Olivier Meunier said...

I got the spam as well. (I am french, I live in Finland, never been to south Dakota, WTF??) And I unregistered.
Now here is an interesting thing if anyone feels like being a pain in her butt.

When you unregister you end up on a page like this: http://marketer.2bits.co/unsubscribe.php?M=1461935&C=1d4f778e0029b2fe0567bf74caa9288d&L=12&N=25

It's a confirmation that you have been unregistered.

I recognize this page. It's the unregister page of Interspire Email Marketer. A software to send email marketing.

So I went to the admin page and asked for a reminder of the admin password.


When you click on that it says that the address zooly@marketkar.ma will get the reminder.

It also shows this logo:

Hairyspire email marketer.

This is a pirate software. Just google it. It's the pirate version of Interspire email marketer.

So when the bottom of the email says that the campaign has been paid for by Dr. Annette Bosworth for U.S. Senate... she's lying.

Now I understand that she's probably using a subcontractor. But that's her problem.

Conrad Longmore said...

More on this spam campaign here which nicely points out that soliciting campaign contributions from foreigners is illegal. Also, it cements the link between Joey Burzynski, Annette Bosworth and her husband Chad Haber.

Wayne Holmes said...

I'm South African and am living in Germany. I also got her spam email at my work address - which I now know was pwned from the Adobe.com hack. I waited for the IT department at work to get back to me on the spam report but they haven't (I suppose they have bigger fish to fry). Now I've convinced myself sufficiently to contact the FEC in the US and complain that Ms. Bosworth has violated my right to privacy under Directive 95/46/EC and Artikel 7 of the German UWG Act.