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Tuesday 19 January 2016

Malware spam: "A/c 1762881 - Remittance Advice" / "Industrial Electronic Wiring Ltd"

This fake financial spam does not come from Industrial Electronic Wiring Ltd but is instead a simple forgery with a malicous attachment.

From:    Herb Castro [CastroHerb70608@essgee.com]
Date:    19 January 2016 at 10:29
Subject:    A/c 1762881 - Remittance Advice


Please see attached remittance.

Can you please supply a copy of invoice 06438632660 dated 19.11.15., which we appear to be missing.


Herb Castro
Industrial Electronic Wiring Ltd
Sender names, references and values vary. Attachments are named in a format remit_acc-1603154.doc and have detection rates of about 2/55 [1] [2] [3]. The Malwr reports [4] [5] [6]  shows the documents communicating with:

This drops a file aarab.exe which is identical to the payload in this spam run.

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