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Tuesday 12 January 2016

Malware spam: "Sales Invoice SIN040281. From Charbonnel et Walker Limited" / "Corinne Young [corinne.young@charbonnel.co.uk]"

This fake financial email does not come from Charbonnel et Walker Limited but is instead a simple forgery with a malicious attachment.
From:    Corinne Young [corinne.young@charbonnel.co.uk]
Date:    12 January 2016 at 10:42
Subject:    Sales Invoice SIN040281. From Charbonnel et Walker Limited

Kind Regards

Corinne Young
Assistant Accountant

Charbonnel et Walker Ltd, Medway Road, Tunbridge Wells, TN1 2FD
Tel: +44 (0)1892 559019  Fax: +44 (0)1892 559015

An error in the way the spam is formatted gives an attachment that appears to be named "SIN040281.DOC (note the leading quote marks) which will save on a Windows system as _SIN040281.DOC. I have only seen one variant of this attachment with a detection rate of 6/55 and for which the Malwr report indicates that this is the Dridex banking trojan (botnet 220) as described here.

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