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Monday 24 June 2013

DanielMcClintic@hotmail.com fake job offer

Another staggeringly crude money mule recruitment spam, like this one. Unless you like prison food I would advise you to leave this fake offer alone.

Date:      Mon, 24 Jun 2013 22:56:39 +0900 [09:56:39 EDT]
From:      Delmar Roark
Subject:      Work in the finance department

We invite you to work in the home assistant offer.

This job takes 2-3 hours a week and requires absolutely no investment.
The essence of this work for incoming client requests in your city.
The starting income is about ~2000 Euro per month + bonuses.

You get paid your money every 2 weeks and your bonuses after finish each task!

We promis work for every person. But we accept applications this week only!
Therefore, you should send email a request right now.
And you will start earning money, starting from next week.

Please write in the request:
Your name:
Your Contact number:
Your email address:
City of residence:

Please send the request to my email DanielMcClintic@hotmail.com, and
I will contact you personally as quickly as possible.

Delmar Roark 
Originating IP is in Korea.

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