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Friday 21 June 2013

luntravel.com are a bunch of stupid spammers

Like most people I get of lot of spam. Sometimes it makes me cross. Here's one sent to scraped email address that is effectively a spamtrap.

From:     Luntravel [noreply@luntravelmail.com]
Reply-To:     Luntravel [noreply@luntravelmail.com]
Date:     21 June 2013 13:03
Subject:     New offers from £49
Mailing list:     c425d640a3819ebec8af23ba171be24c

So far, just a spam with a graphic in, but the email footer is what got my goat..

You receive this newsletter because you used google sometime and we send you our best deals.
Prices shown as 'from' point to the lowest bidder at the time of sending this communication, so we can not guarantee that they remain in force at the time you receive this newsletter.
Save our info@luntravelmail.com address in your e-book for the best deals do not end up in the SPAM folder.
To unsubscribe from receipt of this message, you can click on Unsubscribe, our private site is Luntravel.com
Wait.. I received this spam because I use Google? I've never used any Google product in my life. Not even blogger. And then it goes on to say that the prices quoted may as well be completely made up. Which no doubt they are. Oh yes, SPAM spelled in CAPITALS is a trademark for a brand of tinned meat.

All of the content, trademarks, logos, images, etc. displayed on the Website are protected by the intellectual and industrial property rights, patents, trademarks and copyrights of Luntravel, which are expressly reserved by Luntravel and, when applicable, any other persons or companies that figure as the authors or holders of such rights. Any violation of the abovementioned rights shall be prosecuted in accordance with currently effective legislation. Therefore, it is strictly prohibited to reproduce, exploit, alter, distribute or publicly communicate any of the Website content through any means for any use other than legitimate informational purposes or for the User to contract the services offered therein. In any event, doing so shall require the prior written consent of Luntravel.
The User acknowledges that the operation of this service is governed by Spanish legislation. Luntravel reserves the right to make any changes it deems appropriate in observance of the terms and conditions envisaged in the General Law in Defence of Consumers and Users (Law No. 1/2007), the various regulations governing the activities of travel agencies in the Autonomous Communities and the various legal amendments to and supplemental regulations of the legislation related to free access to the activities of services and their performance.
Now the stupid legal blurb which basically says we can spam you but you can't publish anything about our website, and now we'll quote some Spanish laws which may or may not exist but we are probably breaking by sending the spam (actually the relevant law is Act 34/2002 of 11 July on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce, but I don't think they have read it).

Oh what was that about logos?

Say again?

The spam originates from (CPC Servicios Informaticos SL, Spain) with links to newsletters.tradaticket.com on (also CPC) and then onto luntravel.com on (OVH, France) [report here]. luntravel.com is registered to:

  miguel angel lancho milan
  Lancho milan Miguel angel
  C/ General Barroso 37-21
  Valencia, 46017
Dealing with spammers is never a good idea. I would avoid this bunch.

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