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Tuesday 8 March 2016

Malware spam: Pay_Advice_Vendor_0000300320_1000_for_03.03.2016 / Accounts Payable [vendoramendments@yorkshirewater.co.uk]

This fake financial spam does not come from Yorkshire Water but is instead a simple forgery with a malicious attachment.

From     Accounts Payable [vendoramendments@yorkshirewater.co.uk]
Date     Tue, 08 Mar 2016 10:32:52 +0200
Subject     Pay_Advice_Vendor_0000300320_1000_for_03.03.2016


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Yorkshire Water Services Limited
Registered Office Western House, Halifax Road, Bradford, BD6 2SZ
Registered in England and Wales No 2366682
I have only seen a single sample with an attachment named Pay_Advice_Vendor_0000300320_1000_for_03.03.2016.PDF.ZIP which contains a randomly-named malicious script with a detection rate of 3/54.

According to the Malwr report and Hybrid Analysis on this sample, it downloads a malicious binary from:


This binary has a detection rate of 2/54 and all those reports indicate that it phones home to: (PSINet, Canada)

I recommend that you block traffic to that IP. The Malwr report on the dropped binary is inconclusive, but it looks like the Dridex banking trojan.

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