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Tuesday 6 July 2010

"Blackberry Storm Promotion" scam email

is fake email appears to have been created to flood an innocent party's mailbox with spam and generate unwanted phone calls (the number may well be a real one belonging to RIM in South Africa). BlackBerry / Research In Motion are nothing to do with this email, it is a hoax.. please ignore it and do not try to contact "Amanda". More on this scam here.

Subject: Blackberry Storm Promotion.

Dear All,

Blackberry is giving away  free phones as part of their promotional drive.

All you need to do is send a copy of this email to 8 people; and you will receive your phone in less than 24 hrs.

Please note that if you send to more than 20 people you will receive two phones.

Please do not forget to send a copy to: amanda.lee@blackberry.com
With Regards,

Amanda Lee (Marketing Manager)

Office Number: 0027 11 7838512

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