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Saturday 17 July 2010

"Pollux Enterprise Ltd" money mule scam

Pollux Enterprise Ltd appears to be a genuine company in Hong Kong. This email claims to be from Pollux Enterprise Ltd, but isn't.. it's a Money Mule scam which is basically money laundering. Email originates from which appears to be Turkish, not Hong Kong. Avoid.

From: Pollux Enterprise Ltd pollux.recruit@gmail.comReply-To: pollux.recruit@gmail.com
Date: 17 July 2010 20:15
subject: Job and recruitment available ( Your present job not affected ).

If you have access to a computer, and have up to three hours spare time per-
week, would you like to work part or full time online from
home and get paid weekly? If yes, then please read carefully.
Pollux Enterprise Ltd was Established in 1999 in Hong Kong and we specializes
in worldwide export of fashion accessories, hair ornaments and fashion jewelry.
We strive to market chic and trendy accessories that intrigue fashion-conscious
ladies around the globe.

Backed by the vast manufacturing base in China and the East-West sensibility
uniquely found in Hong Kong,
We are currently seeking part/full time employees for our ever-growing
Foreign Payment Receiving Officer. Through extensive demographic research, we
have discovered a wealth of untapped human resources that, for one reason or
another, need the freedom to work from home and consider becoming part of our company.
as part of our ongoing Multi Level Marketing Network, we seek capable individuals to work for
us as our representative.You can easily make $500 - $2,000 or more in a week by
working for us as Sub-contractor in your geographical location, you will be in charge
of collecting payment on behalf of our affiliates and Smallbusine ss organizations
that are registered under us. Note that no form of investment is needed from you and this job will take
only 1-3 hours of your time per week.
The position of Foreign Payment Receiving Officer entails the following duties:
coordinate payments from our clients, receive payments which come in form of Certified
Check, process payments at your local bank, and forward 90% of funds
received to the proper branch office, as instructed.
The remaining 10% is your gratuity. Since this position
is need-based, you will have plenty of free time while enjoying a good income.
Ev ery assignment in form of payment received from clients, you're entitled to
10% which excludes the cost of processing western union to any regional office
accountant Also you get a monthly salary of $1500 which comes at the end of every
month, plus other incentives and benefits that accrue, which includes tax holidays.
Interested applicants should reply with:

Full Name:-
Contact Address:-
Phone Number(s):-
E-mail Address(Optional):-

Our Human Resource Managers can contact you via email, with further details if the management
decides you're a successful candidate.

We look forward to working with you.

NB: Ignore this mail if you are not interested in this offer.

Mr. Alfred Tsang
Unit 7-9, 6/F Yale Industrial Centre
61-63 Au Pui Wan Street, Shatin


Unknown said...

Hi there,
I would like to know if it is real or a scam, because I received email from this company regarding the business opportunity with them, was told that they are planning to open a show room in UAE etc. so for that reason either I have come to hongkong to sign the (vertical documents) that is what is mentioned or pay them almost US$ 650.00 lawyer fee who will stand for me in the court,I don't know the exact procedure of Hongkong or china, But I have been pushed so much, or threaten to tell the management I am not interested and the person name suppose to be ALFRED TSANG, Please anyone can suggest me if it is a scam, since I read on the google that they use company's name and scamming the ppl.

Conrad Longmore said...


There is a real Hong Kong company called Pollux Enterprise Ltd (www.pollux.com.hk), but if the emails you are getting do NOT come from the domain pollux.com.hk then it will probably be a scam. Check the "Reply To" field when you reply to a message too.. it should be something @pollux.com.hk