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Thursday 1 July 2010

ultrasantifa.blogspot.com apparent Joe Job

This strange looking email plopped into my mailbox:

Date: 1 July 2010 07:31
subject: hola
We are european fascists ! Fight for racial purity ! Our time begins! We are strong and can build new Reich! Join to us! We call on all people visit out sites. On them you will find information about war against system! Sieg heil fascist, nordic nazi! Adresses of our sites you can see below: http://ultrasantifa.blogspot.com
Given that fascists rarely seem to advertise themselves via spam and the whole language seems over the top I thought it looked a but suspect and worth of some further investigation.

ultrasantifa.blogspot.com is (or rather was) a blog entitled "Antifa Ultras and Hooligans". Antifa means "anti-fascist", and this Russian language blog featured radical anti-fascist ideas and football, usually both at the same time. The blog linked to some other sites that might well be advocating violence, but there was certainly no way that this was a pro-fascist blog.

So, this appears to be a Joe Job and it also appears to have been successful as ultrasantifa.blogspot.com is currently 404ing. So, presumably neither Google (who hosted the blog) nor the people complaining about the spam actually checked the site..

Just for the record the email originated from, an IP address in South Africa, but I guess it's just part of a botnet-for-hire.

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