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Wednesday 28 July 2010

"west-epec.com" fake job offer

This is some sort of money laundering or parcel reshipping scam. The domains west-epec.com was registered just yesterday but it appears not to be resolving properly.

Date: 28 July 2010 13:36
Subject: vacancy #876

I am writing to you in the name of the corporation the Human Resources department of which I represent.

Our enterprise has a lot of different lines of business.
-real property
-business support
-company dissolution
-private firm service

There is a vacancy of a Regional manager in Europe:
-compansation package 2.300 euro +bonus

- 'open-leave' schedule

If you have an intention to cooperate with our company, please send your contact information on our e-mail: Darla@west-epec.com
First Name:
Country of living
mail address:
Contact telephone number

Remark! Applicants with the permission to work in Europe!

Please let us know you contact information.
Our manager will contact you to provide answers for the questions you are interested at and invite you for brief interview.

The WHOIS details are probably fake, but consistent with a large number of other fake job websites.

    Aleksandr Lapatau
    Email: lapatasker@earthling.net
    Organization: Private person
    Address: Lenina, 34, 8
    City: Minsk
    State: Minskaya
    ZIP: 456123
    Country: BY
    Phone: +375.172427204 

A Google search for that email address shows lots of similar sites. Avoid.

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