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Wednesday 28 July 2010


Scams evolve in much the same way as plant or animal life. Unsuccessful scams become extinct, very successful ones tend to explode in numbers to the point of over population. In between are a number of scams that inhabit ecological niches where there is just enough return to make them worthwhile.

From: LAPO LOAN COMPANY LIMITED. <lapo.loancompany1@gmail.com>
Reply-To: lapo.loancompany1@gmail.com
Date: 28 July 2010 04:07
subject: (Loan Transfet Updated)

Do you need a loan to pay off your bills and clear off your debt? Do you
have an urgent loan or a business loan? You are refused a loan from your
bank or any financial firm? Do you need a loan to pay off your bills or
buying a house? Do you need a loan to start a business? Get anaffordable
loan at a low interest rate of 3%, contact us at:

Your Name:
Loan Amount:
Loan Duration:
Your phone number
E-mail: lapo.loancompany1@gmail.com
Obviously it's dodgy.. how many loan companies use a free Gmail address? Digging deeper shows that this originates from (mail.zimele.net) in Kenya. What you can't tell is that the email address has been harvested from a data breach (either accidental or deliberate) at 0catch.com.

Now, most novice users won't know how to inspect mail headers or be able to trace back where the email address came from, but the Gmail thing is a huge red flag. But honestly, the whole pitch is frankly sloppy, badly spelled and unbelievable.. but the thing is that people must fall for this scam (presumably an Advanced Fee Fraud or identity theft gig) from time-to-time, else the scammers wouldn't persevere with it.

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