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Sunday 29 January 2012

Fake jobs: euro@ultraups.com

The "Lapatasker" money mule recruiters have been fairly quiet for a while, but here is a new one:

From:  Barrmanager@pacbell.net maurogonzal22@gmail.com
Date: 28 January 2012 01:39
Subject: Parttime Job


I am the personnel department manager and I am appealing to you in the name of the large-scale and first-rate partnership.

Our company is met in many departments, such as:
- property
- bank account operations
- transportation and logistics
- private enterprise service
- etc.

We need a person to fill the vacancy of a regional manager in Europe:
- salary 2.600 euro + bonus
- 2 - 3 working hours per day
- individual time-table

If our offer is interesting for you email us the required information:
e u r o @ u l t r a u p s . c o m (Please Delete Spaces In Email Address Before Mailing Us)
Full name:
Contact phone number:

Attention! We need just the people residing in EU.

Please, write your Telephone Number and our manager will contact with you and answer all your questions. 

The "jobs" offered are illegal activities such as money laundering, so signing up to them could land you in serious trouble with law enforcement and seriously out of pocket.

The domain was registered a while ago, probably with fake registrant details:
    Alexis Putt
    Email: alexisputt@yahoo.co.uk
    Organization: Alexis Putt
    Address: St Katharine's Way 12
    City: London
    State: London
    ZIP: E1W 1DD
    Country: GB
    Phone: +44.0113343341

If you have any more example emails, please consider sharing them in the comments.


ETXenergy.eu said...

Hi Conrad,

In complete agreement with you.

I've received (and deleted) at least a dozen of these dodgy fake offers in the last two months.

What makes them extremely doubtful:

The name and email address are never the same (dodgy as h3ll)
The job description is very random and bizzare
The applicat is not required to provide any specific skill evidence or even any CV.
The applicat is required to be "european", not of any specific location (it may as well ask for "white caucasians" or even more laxed "certified citizen of Planet Earth").

Pretty pathetic and lousy offer, but without a doubt, there will be enough naive believers to buy into it, in times like this.


-G-rad said...

Our manager will contact TO you...
Please inform us...
Mr. Putt isn't an English speaker :-)
"If you have a wish to become a part of our team, please inform us the following:
e u r o @ u l t r a u p s . c o m
Full name:
Mobile phone-number:

Please provide us with your Personal data (Phone number and First and Last name) and our manager will contact to you to make a brief interview."