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Monday 23 January 2012

Tylers Coffees (tylerscoffees.com) tastes of spam

Here's an annoying spam I have been getting lately:

From:      "Coffee News" [news.coffee@yahoo.com]
Subject:      Check out this coffee

Acid Free Coffee
A little cup of java can mean a big problem for stomachs. Acid levels in coffee, as well as impurities and resins, may wreak havoc on the digestive tract. Our customers with sensitive stomachs are relieved to learn that they can still continue enjoying a great cup of coffee whenever they want.

Benefits of an acid free coffee are tooth enamel is protected and teeth are stronger leading to fewer cavities.
    for $5
Where it Comes From

The Finest hand-picked Arabica beans are shipped from South America to our roasting factory in Arizona.We use Swiss Water Based Process to decaffeinate our Arabica coffee beans
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How We Make It
We use a “Z-Roasting” process that optimizes the time the coffee beans are cooked; the result is high levels of caffeine and free of acid. Benefits of an acid free coffee are tooth enamel is protected and teeth are stronger leading to fewer cavities.
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Regular vs. Decaf
Regular: Rockets you forward with level of caffeine that exceeds most other coffee brands.

Decaf: Same great taste as the regular coffee minus the rocket energy, so that you can finally take that sleep you deserve.

Either way - you will LOVE IT !!

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I've seen this several times, to begin with they were trying to use tinyurl.com to mask their URL, but they're pretty good at terminating spammers.

Subsequent runs use the domain justcoffee-noacid.com in the emails. Although the domain has anonymous WHOIS details, it's notable that the spammer is using Piradius Net, a black hat web host from Malaysia as a host. We've seen these guys before.

justcoffee-noacid.com has a miminal amount of content, and depending on which link you click through, you either get redirected to tylerscoffees.com or you get a spammy page tempting you to click through.

In all cases the spam comes through  in China.

tylerscoffees.com is a website belonging to Tylers Coffee, a firm in Arizona.

The domain is registered to:

      ornsteins, ian  ian@innovativeformulations.com
      1810 s 6th ave
      tucson, Arizona 85713
      United States
      (520) 628-1553      Fax -- (520) 628-1580

The company seems to be legitimate (although personally I have doubts about their claims over "acidic coffee"), but it looks like someone has decided to try some web site promotion without fully checking what was being done. Spamming out from China via a black hat host in Malaysia is one very easy way to damage your brand..


TEA-Time said...

I posted a link to this article on their Facebook wall and they deleted it rather than responding to it.

Tylers Coffee said...

we are sorry about all this. We have our IT looking in to it. IT WAS NOT SENT BY US. Thank you for your support please email us for a free bag of coffee we again a very sorry for the incovinces

TC said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Conrad Longmore said...

It is happening again.