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Friday 13 January 2012

"Your order for helicopter for the weekend" / ccredret.ru

Another Redret spam leading to a malicious payload..

Date:      Fri, 12 Jan 2012 04:53:25 +0100
From:      "Keila Farley" [HannaMarcelino@ameritrade.com]
Subject:      Your order for helicopter for the weekend

Your order for our air carriage services has been received and processed. The chopper will be at your disposal from 3.30 a.m. sunday to 16.00 wednesday. Once again, the rates are as follows:
1 hour in the air: 794$
Takeoff / Landing: 163$
1 hour idle time on the ground: 166$
Longest flight is 3 hours.
When flying for longer distances, a co-pilot is needed, and the cost accordingly grows by 114$ per hour.

Invoice.doc 581kb
With Best Regards
Keila Farley
The malicious payload is delivered via a legitimate hacked site which redirects to ccredret.ru/main.php, hosted on (GloboTech, California). That same IP was seen recently with another Redret domain, and you should block access to it if you can.


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