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Friday 16 August 2013

ADP spam / ADP_week_invoice.zip|exe

This fake ADP spam has a malicious attachment:

Date:      Fri, 16 Aug 2013 09:57:59 -0500 [10:57:59 EDT]
From:      "run.payroll.invoice@adp.com" [run.payroll.invoice@adp.com]
Subject:      ADP Payroll INVOICE for week ending 08/16/2013

Your ADP Payroll invoice for last week is attached for your review. If you have any
questions regarding this invoice, please contact your ADP service team at the number
provided on the invoice for assistance.

Thank you for choosing ADP Payroll.
Important: Please do not respond to this message. It comes from an unattended mailbox.
There is an attachment ADP_week_invoice.zip which in turn contains a malicious executable file ADP_week_invoice.exe. The payload is exactly the same as this other malicious spam run which is running in parallel.

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