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Wednesday 14 August 2013

Gmail Compose.. another app screwed up by Google

If you use Gmail then you've probably seen the "new compose" experience before. And turned it off. Well, Google never listed to feedback now Gmail joins a long list of applications that Google have screwed up, including Blogger, Google Play Music, Google Maps for Android and don't get me started on Google Reader and iGoogle.

The new compose experience attempts to be minimalist, but in reality it's either too small, or too big. If you are reply to a message then you get a tiny box at the bottom of the screen, a long way from the top of the email you are trying to reply to. And all the usual buttons have been hidden away because.. well, goodness only knows. It's a mess.

With these latest bodged updates, I really think that Google is jumping the shark and changing applications for no good reason at all. Android in particular is becoming a disaster area with important apps being screwed up completely. Perhaps it's time to buy a Lumia?

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Unknown said...

I have to agree with you. Now my Blank Canvas add-on does not work at all and I have to redesign over a dozen gmail signatures! I also have to click through two tabs to get to my canned response. At least give us a choice to "upgrade" or not!