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Sunday 4 August 2013

BLDW "Building Turbines Corp" pump-and-dump spam

This illegal spam run almost definitely does not come from Building Turbines Corp (BLDW) but instead someone trying to game the system through a pump-and-dump scam.

There are lots of variations on the spam, but here are three examples:

Subject: This Stock is our New Wild Sub-Penny Pick!

Green Energy Company Signs Deal to Construct Rooftop Wind Turbines
for 90 Thousand Sq-Ft Stockroom. Building Turbines (PINKSHEETS:
BL_D_W) Concentrates on the Design and Construction of Patented
Roof Top Wind Turbines.

Current Price: .038
Short Term Target: .40
Company: Building Turbines Corp.
Date: August, 5th
Sym: BL_D_W

Renewable Power Corporation Wired To Soar Monday!


Subject: Pay Attention To Detail

Austin Company Pens Contract to Provide Roof Wind Turbines for 90K
Sq-Ft Warehouse. Building Turbines Corp. (OTC PINK: B L_D_W)
Focuses on the Design and Construction of Patented Roof Top Wind

Long Term Target: $.95
Trading Date: Monday, Aug 5, 2013
To buy: B L_D_W
Market: $.038

Ecological Power Business In Line To Ascend Next Week.


Subject: It Could Make a Rally and Soar! (Huge News Out!)

Green Energy Corporation Clinches Contract to Construct Roof
Wind Turbines for 90,000 Square Foot Stockroom. BUILDING
TURBINES, CORP. (PINKS: BL_D W) Concentrates on the Design and
Manufacture of Patented Roof Top Wind Turbines.

Short Term Target: 0.20
Trade Date: Aug, 5th
Company: Building Turbines Corp.
Latest Pricing: .038
Traded as: BL_D W

Green Energy Business Equipped To Rise Monday!!!

BLDW stock isn't really valuable, losing 88.6% of its value since the company was floated in April 2011, and it has been bouncing around the two to four cent level since the beginning of 2013. But this isn't really about the real prospects of the company, this is a straightforward attempt to manipulate the system for profit.

In the past few days, someone has bought about 2.5 million shares in the company at about 4 cents, our past analysis would indicate that this is likely to be the spammer taking up positions.

The spammers may have targeted BLDW stock on their own initiative, but the recent HAIR spam run seems to be for another party. No matter, if you take the example of HAIR then any investors who had followed the spam's fake tips would have ended up losing about 90% of their investment. I'm not saying the BLDW is going to collapse, stay afloat or whatever.. but what I am saying is that you should simply ignore BLDW stock completely because this spam run is simply an attempt at market manipulation.

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Peter Kruse said...

Hi Conrad,

This is coming from the Kelihos BOTnet.