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Friday 2 August 2013

MoneyGram "Payment notification email" spam / drstephenlwolman.com

This fake MoneyGram spam leads to malware on drstephenlwolman.com:

Date:      Fri, 2 Aug 2013 22:23:53 +0330 [14:53:53 EDT]
From:      "Moneygram Inc." [infusionnbb3@gmail.com]
Subject:      Payment notification email
Revenues notification email
This is an automated email - please do not reply!

Dear customer!

You are receiving this notification because of you have been received the payment.
It may take a some time for this transaction to appear in the Recent Activity list on your account page.

Transaction details

Transaction sum: 110 USD
Transaction date: 2013/08/02

View the details of this transaction online

Thank you for using MoneyGram services!

MoneyGram ® 2013
Payload is on [donotclick]drstephenlwolman.com/topic/sessions-folk-binds.php via [donotclick]new.hotelniles.com/xd2iqku.html  and some intermediate scripts.

More analysis later..

Part II

OK, I have a little more time to look at this. Here is the screenshot:

Clicking the link takes you to a "ThreeScripts" page, but subtly different from previous ones, leading to scripts at:

These scripts use a ".txt" extenstion, presumably to fool AV scanners.

The next step is a kind of weird Javascript leading to a malware page at [donotclick]drstephenlwolman.com/topic/sessions-folk-binds.php hosted on (Nuclear Fallout Enterprises, US).

The domain in question is a hijacked GoDaddy domain.The payload is hardened against analysis. There will almost definitely be other hijacked domains hosted on this server, blocking access to it might be a good idea.

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