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Monday 12 August 2013

Facebook spam / guterhelmet.com

This fake Facebook spam leads to malware on guterhelmet.com:

Date:      Mon, 12 Aug 2013 17:51:17 -0200 [15:51:17 EDT]
From:      Facebook [update+zj433fgc2_aay@facebookmail.com]
Subject:      Willie Powell wants to be friends with you on Facebook.

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Willie Powell
Willie Powell
Bao Aguliar
Bibi Akel
Eleanora Casella
Murray Carsten
Jordana Fiqueroa
Jona Fiorelli
Leisha Heape
Lacresha Hautala
Monnie Carrillo
Missy Carreiro
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the message was sent to {mailto_username}@{mailto_domain}. if you do not want to receive these e-mail. letters from facebook, please give up subscription.
facebook, inc., attention: department 415, po box 10005, palo alto, ca 94303
Is it me, or does everyone look the same?

The link in the email goes through a legitimate hacked site and then on to one of three scripts:

From there, the victim is redirected to a hijacked GoDaddy domain with a malicious payload at [donotclick]guterhelmet.com/topic/able_disturb_planning.php hosted on (Linode, US) along with a number of other hijacked domains (in italics below)

Recommended blocklist:

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