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Friday 21 February 2014

Something evil on, and

Thanks to @Techhelplistcom for the heads up on this little mystery..

It all starts with a spam evil (described here)..

The link goes to a URLquery report that seems pretty inconclusive,  mentioning a URL of [donotclick]overcomingthefearofbeingfabulous.com/xjvnsqk/fbktojkxbxp.php [an apparently poorly secured server at, Total Internet Solutions Pvt. Ltd in India] that just does a redirect to a spammy diet pill site at thefxs.com [, Linkzone Media Romania] if you have a Windows User Agent set.

As Techhelplist says, set the UA to an Android one and you get a very different result. In this case you get bounced to a site hosted on (3NT Solutions / Inferno.name)
[donotclick]mobile.downloadadobecentral.ru/FLVupdate.php  then to
[donotclick]mobile.downloadadobecentral.ru/FLVupdate2.php from where it attempts to download a file FlashUpdate.apk

3NT Solutions / inferno.name is a known bad actor and you should block all their IPs on sight, in this case they have a netblock which I strongly recommend that you route to the bitbucket.

FlashUpdate.apk has a VirusTotal detection rate of 22/47, but most Android users are probably not running anti-virus software. The Andrubis analysis of that .apk shows a network connection to (Netrouting Telecom, Sweden) plus (oddly) some pages loaded from ticketmaster.com.

It just goes to show that what you think might be harmless spam can actually be something very, very different if you access it on a mobile device.

Recommended blocklist:

UPDATE 2014-05-25: Note that overcomingthefearofbeingfabulous.com has been cleaned up and appears to be no longer compromised.

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Unknown said...

please remove overcomingthefearofbeingfabulous.com. Its being listed as a malicious website by Malware Domain Blocklist because its showing up on blog.dynamoo.com. The site has been moved to a different host and all issues have been resolved.