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Monday 19 August 2013

MONK / Monarchy Resources, Inc pump-and-dump spam

Another day, another pump-and-dump spam run, this time being sent to randomly generated email addresses promoting MONK (Monarchy Resources, Inc). Here are some examples:

Subject: Pick Of The Week... Do Not Miss Out This Time!
Make easy $15'000 Monday!!! Hello, want to receive $15'000 by
next Friday? You would receive lot more if you get this hot
stock on Monday. The stock symbol is: M_O N_K. It's Monarchy
Resources, Inc.. It sells under 48 cents, but it should
see $1'80 shortly! Purchase shares of M_O N_K on Aug, 19
below 48 cents and multiply your cash! It could be
awesome to get $15'000 by Friday. And it's very easy to
receive. On Monday, Aug 19, 2013 order 43'000 shares of M_O
N_K and get over $15'000 by Friday

Subject: Hot Investor News
Pocket your $17'000 now! Howdy, need to pocket $17'000 by this Saturday? You
will get lots more if you purchase this premium stock on Monday. The stock
symbol is: M_ONK. It's MONARCHY RESOURCES INC.. It sits below 42 cents,
but it should see $1'20 promptly! Purchase shares of M_ONK on Mon, Aug
19th, 2013 under 42 cents and multiply your investment. It will be
amazing to earn $17'000 by Saturday. And its very easy to get! On Aug, 19th
order 29'000 shares of M_ONK and receive over $17'000 by Saturday!!!

Subject: Walgreens News!!!
Make easy $12'000 now! Hello, ready to pocket $12'000 by next
Saturday? You would receive lots more if you order this
undervalued stock on Monday. The company symbol is: M O N K.
It's Monarchy Resources, Inc. It goes under 40 cents, but
it could settle $1.90 promptly! Get shares of M O N K on
Monday, Aug 19th, 2013 under 40 cents and quadruple your
investment. It can be amazing to earn $12'000 by Saturday. And
its very easy to do! On Aug, 19 trade 21'000 shares of M O N K
and get over $12'000 by Saturday.

Subject: Profile Alert
Earn fast $13'000 now! Hello, ready to pocket $13'000 by this Thursday?
You can make lot more if you get this new stock on Monday. The stock
symbol is: M_O N_K. Its MONARCHY RESOURCES, INC. It goes under 30
cents, but it should see $1.55 shortly! Get shares of M_O N_K on
Monday, Aug 19 under 30 cents and quadruple your portfolio. It
could be cool to make $13'000 by Thursday. And it's very easy to do! On
Mon, August 19th, 2013 buy 35'000 shares of M_O N_K and pocket over
$13'000 by Thursday!

The spam that I have seen appears to originate primarily from IP addresses in India.

So, what's up with MONK? The stock has only been trading since June and most of that time it has been at around the $1.00 level. At the beginning of August the price dropped to $0.40 and then $0.20 per share (dropping for one point to just $0.10), losing more than 75% of its value since launch (see the stock chart here).

On 16th August there was a flurry of activity as 209,400 shares were bought at around the $0.20 or somewhat under that. Usually this is the spammers taking up a position in the company that they are about to spam. On the next day (a Saturday) the pump-and-dump spam started. So far today about 450,000 shares have been traded, apparently giving the stock a bit of a bump as whoever has hired the spammers tries to cash out.

As with all pump-and-dump spams, the only people making money out of it are the scammers who run it. Any investor who tries to try to invest in these it likely to lose some or all of their investment. Avoid


Stonechuck said...

thank you...

Stonechuck said...

trying to lose the SPAMMER; it morphs into something new every day.

Unknown said...

Any suggestions on how to get these spams to stop??? I get at least 10 per day. I wrote Monarchy Resources directly on their webstite to complain.

Unknown said...

You can hold ISPs directly liable for fraud committed with their hardware. We recover 500 USD per incident. Of course, China, Russia, Eastern Europe, etc., don't give a damn and you can't serve them. Countries like UK, US, Western Europe, Canada, you just file and collect. The gray area are countries like India and you can make some money there. This is a good example. India will prosecute US charges of securities fraud and let you bring a civil tort. I loved this one. As soon as I saw it was an Indian ISP I fired off a CEASE and DESIST letter, threatening a later demand for payment letter and they settled inside a week. We have to hold the line with these fraudsters and not let them start using legit looking domain registrations. Right now they seem to be trying new things. I actually (1st time in 25 years) saw a 419 scam being sourced out of Florida and Manchester, UK in the same week! That is just incredible... But worth doing the detective work for. Not if you're afraid of Russian gangs, but if you're a crazy MF like me you live to legally take this scum out. "Feel lucky, punk? Send that spam from where I can get to you!"