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Tuesday 22 January 2013

Cheeky exploit kit on avirasecureserver.com

What is avirasecureserver.com? Well, it's not Avira that's for sure.. it is in fact a server for the Blackhole Exploit Kit.

This site is hosted on, an Iomart / Rapidswitch IP that appears to have been reallocated to:
person:         Dimitar Kolev
address:        QHoster Ltd
address:        Apt 1859
address:        Chynoweth House
address:        Trevissome Park
address:        Truro
address:        TR4 8UN
address:        GB
phone:          +13232180069
abuse-mailbox:  abuse@qhoster.com
nic-hdl:        DK5560-RIPE
mnt-by:         RAPIDSWITCH-MNT
source:         RIPE # Filtered

Trevissome Park is a small business park in Cornwall, there certainly isn't a building with over 1000 apartments there, so we can assume that "Apt" is a euphemism for a post box. There's also no company in the UK called QHoster Ltd. In fact, if we check the QHoster.com domain we can see that it is a Bulgarian firm:

    QHoster Ltd.
    Dimitar Kolev        (domains@qhoster.net)
    27 Nikola D. Petkov Str.
    Tel. +359.898547122
    Fax. +359.67535954

QHoster has an IP block of suballocated to it. A quick poke around indicates not much of value in this range, you may want to consider blocking the /25 as a precaution.

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