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Tuesday 8 January 2013

"Federal ACH Announcement" spam / cookingcarlog.net

This rather terse spam leads to malware on cookingcarlog.net:

From:     Federal Reserve Services@sys.frb.org [ACHR_59273219@fedmail.frb.org]
Date:     8 January 2013 15:11
Subject:     FedMail (R): Federal ACH Announcement - End of Day - 12/27/12

Please find the ACH Letter of Advice Reporting from the Federal Reserve System clicking here. 
The link in the email goes to an exploit kit on [donotclick]cookingcarlog.net/detects/occasional-average-fairly.php (report here) which is hosted on (Snel Internet Services, Netherlands).

Added - a BBB spam is also doing the rounds with the same payload:

 Better Business Bureau ©
Start With Trust �

Mon, 7 Jan 2013

RE: Case N. 54809787


The Better Business Bureau has been recorded the above said claim from one of your customers in respect to their dealings with you. The detailed description of the consumer's worry are available for review at a link below. Please pay attention to this issue and communicate with us about your judgment as soon as possible.

We pleasantly ask you to click and review the CLAIM REPORT to meet on this claim letter.

We are looking forward to your prompt response.

Mason Turner
Dispute Consultant
Better Business Bureau

Better Business Bureau
3063   Wilson Blvd, Suite 600  Arlington, VA 22701
Phone: 1 (703) 276.0100  Fax: 1 (703) 525.8277

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