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Wednesday 30 January 2013

Intelius spam (or is it a data breach?)

This spam was sent to an email address only used for register for intelius.com. Either there has been a data breach at Intelius, or they have decided to go into the gambling business.

From:     Grand Palace Slots [no-reply@tsm-forum.net]
Date:     30 January 2013 10:39
Subject:     Try to play slots - 10$ free
Mailed-By:     tsm-forum.net

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Click here to opt out of this email:

The originating IP is (Telecom Italia, Italy), spamvertised site is www.igrandpalacegold.com on (Fajncom SRO, Czech Republic) and is registered to:

    Klemens Chmielewski
    Klemens Chmielewski        (calder@igrandpalacegold.com)
    ul. Czerniowiecka 78
    Tel. +48.722514299

I'm assuming that Intelius doesn't want to promote what would be illegal gambling for US citizens, which really leads just one other option..

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