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Wednesday 23 January 2013

NACHA spam / canonicalgrumbles.biz

This fake NACHA spam leads to malware on canonicalgrumbles.biz:

Date:      Wed, 23 Jan 2013 16:55:46 +0100
From:      ".Анисимов@direct.nacha.org" [throttled2@inneremitte.de]
Subject:      Direct Deposit payment was declined

Attn: Accounting Department

We regret to inform you, that your latest Direct Deposit transaction (#432007776488) was declined,because of your current Direct Deposit software being out of date. The detailed information about this matter is available in the secure section of our web site:

Click here for more information

Please contact your financial institution to get the necessary updates of the Direct Deposit software.

Kind regards,

ACH Network Rules Department
NACHA - The Electronic Payments Association

10608 Sunrise Valley Drive, Suite 452
Herndon, VA 20169
Phone: 703-561-4685 Fax: 703-787-1154
The malicious payload is at [donotclick]canonicalgrumbles.biz/closest/984y3fh8u3hfu3jcihei.php (report here) hosted on (Ukranian Hosting / ukrainianhosting.com)

I've seen other malware servers in before, I would recommend blocking the whole lot.

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