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Wednesday 23 January 2013

H Seal and Company fake job offer

H Seal is a real, legitimate firm. This email is not from H Seal, but a criminal organisation wanting to recruit people for money laundering and other unlawful activities. Originating IP is (Intermedia, US)  and the Reply-To address is john_jackson1976@yahoo.com.ph which indicates someone in the Philppines.

From:     H. Seal & Company Ltd [jonjack7745@yahoo.com.ph]
Reply-To:     john_jackson1976@yahoo.com.ph
Date:     23 January 2013 12:38
Subject:     Would you like to work online from Home/Temporarily.


Would you like to work online from Home/Temporarily.
We are glad to offer you a job position without paying for application.

 Our Company H. Seal & Company Ltd are into Insurance, Buying and Selling cars, Incidents and Accidents Insurance. with numerous customers home and abroad. We need a representative in the Asia, Japan, china, Europe, South Africa, USA, CA, and Australia. who will be in charge of all our payment from clients/customers in Asia, Europe, Canada, and Usa

Your tasks are:

 1. Receive payment from our Customers through mail: (DHL, FEDEX, UPS OR OTHER FORM OF DELEIEVERY)
 2. Cash it at your Bank
 3. Deduct 10% which will be your percentage/pay on Payment processed
 4. Forward balance after deduction of percentage/pay to any of the offices
 you will be contacted to send payment to.
 Payment is to be forwarded either by Money Gram or Western Union Money
 Transfer. A local Money transfer takes barely hours, so it will give us a possibility to get customer payment almost  immediately.

 Kindly provide us with the requested details below if you are interested.

 Full Name
 Full Address
 Bank Name

 Zip Code:

present or prev job:
Can you Check email at least twice Daily?

 You are to respond to this offer by clicking reply to this message and filling the required information where necessary.

 We await your urgent response.Thank you for your help. We look forward to working with you.
 John Jackson

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