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Tuesday 8 January 2013

PPI scam: 0843 410 0078

Short version: 
If you're Googling this number to see who is ringing you, then the short answer is that it is a bunch of scammers trying to get you to make a PPI refund claim. If you end up speaking to a human, then you can either ask them to "remove and suppress" your number, alternatively you can just tell them to fuck off (as there's no real reason to be polite with them).

Long version:
Despite a massive fine handed out to some SMS spammers for pushing PPI and ambulance chasing spam, there are still others about.

One particularly common on is to be called with a recorded message about a PPI refund, and then being given the opportunity to press "5" to connect to an operator.

So, I got one of these today from 0843 410 0078, a number allocated to Jtec UK Ltd (although they are probably just the telecoms provider). It seems that this number block is stuffed full of telepests.

Now, this isn't just spam.. it's a scam. Firstly, I'm not eligible for any PPI refunds, but the scammers are encouraging you to make a fraudulent claim regardless. They're just interested in selling your lead on to the next level in this very seedy world of PPI refund claims.

My conversation with the lady scammer went something like this:

Me: So I'm due a PPI refund am I?

Scammer: Yes, our records indicate that you may be eligible for a refund.

Me: Oh yes? You have records?

Scammer: Yes.

Me: So then, please tell me what my name is.

Scammer: We don't have that information for data protection reasons. [Yeah, but you have my financial records and telephone number, so really you are lying, aren't you?]

At which point I got bored and suggested that the woman fucked off and never called me again, at which point she hung up. I really do recommend being rude to these people incidentally. If you can ruin their afternoon and make them feel shitty about themselves then it's a small victory, they are willing participants in the scam after all.

The problem is that the people working at lead generation at this level will NEVER reveal who they are, and by the time the PPI claim has gotten to someone higher up in the food chain then the lead has been laundered through several middlemen.

Registering with the TPS isn't always as effective as you might think. Mobile numbers seem to expire after a year and need renewing (don't forget, the TPS is run by marketers). If you are TPS registered and still get bombarded with PPI scam calls, then you can try filing an ICO complaint. Or you could try doing it this way. But please remember, if you can make the telepests upset for the whole afternoon then it might make them reconsider their bad career choices..

If you find out who these pests are, or come across any other numbers, please consider sharing them in the Comments. Thanks!

These other numbers appear to be related:
0843 410 2215
0843 410 2576
0843 410 4770
0843 410 0269 (claimed to be from a nonexistant company called "PPI Assistance")

This is the same scam, but may be a different outfit:
01277 509018


Unknown said...

We had one this evening from this number 0843 410 2215 (21/01/13)

Conrad Longmore said...

@Chris: thanks!

Sam Braham said...

I just got one from an 0843 410 2576.

Frogangel689 said...

Thanks for that! I knew there had to be something dodgy about that number! I'll stick with my instinct and keep ignoring!

Unknown said...

I had one also 0843 410 4770, SCAM!! These people make me sick!!

Conrad Longmore said...

@Joshua, thanks - added.

Unknown said...

Just had one from 0843 410 4897 Chris Baxter