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Monday 1 July 2013

Adware sites to block 1/7/13

Never trust any sort of ad network that uses anonymous domains and hides all other identifying data. These seem to be doing to rounds at the moment, some of them may be involved in injection attacks or adware installs. If you have any experiences with these domains turning up unexpected on your site then please leave a comment.. thanks!


Domains all seem to be on parking IPs or Amazon AWS, so difficult to block by IP address.


David Horton said...

I'm getting lots of Sophos blocks on tracksrv.com

Conrad Longmore said...

@David some of these domains seem to be blacklisted by various vendors. I think some of these might be toolbar related, but they seem to be seen together.

Unknown said...

I have also started receving sophos warning to block tracksrv.com ... constantly popoing warning. how to remove it.

pdh said...

Even on this site, ads pop up. Very irritating, how to get rid of? Three virus scanners, don't seem to discover this.