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Monday 15 July 2013

NOST (NOST.QB) / NSU Resources Inc Pump and Dump Spam

Over the weekend a pump-and-dump spam run started for NSU Resources Inc trading as NOST.QB. NSU Resources almost definitely have nothing to do with this spam run. Here are a few examples:

Subject: This Stock MOVED HARD

Rubber Stamp N OS_T!!! With A Profoundly Humble Market Float,
The Indicated Rare Earth Business Is In Line To Quintuple.
Suspect For Big Publication In A Minute.

Trading Date: Mon, July 15th, 2013
Target Price: .36
Symbol traded: N OS_T
Company: NSU Resources
Last trade: 0.0175

Stay tuned this could get real good!!! An Amazing Buying


Subject: This Stock Is The Hottest Stock In The Whole Market!

Check Out NO S_T! Amid An Seriously Humble Public Float, The Indicated Rare
Earth Company Is Equipped To Burst! Suspect For Big Dissemination In A

Symbol to buy: NO S_T
Trading Date: Monday, July 15
Long Term Target: $0.37
Company: NSU Resources Inc
Closed Price: .0175

Huge Potential! Actual Gains Success and Pick for Tomorrow!!!


Subject: They`ve got their rally caps on!

Rubber Stamp N_O_ST. Including An Very Modest Public Float, The
Aforementioned Rare Earth Corporation Is Ready To Pop. Presume For Greater
Divulgence In Due Time.

Trade Date: Monday, July 15
Latest Pricing: 0.0175
Stock Symbol: N_O_ST
Long Term Target Price: $.15
Company: NSU Resources, Corp.

Time to buy! Major play, coming tomorrow morning!


Subject: Look for Another Push Higher

Take On NO_ST!!! Including An Ultra Inconsequential Market Float, The
Indicated Rare Earth Stock Is On Tap To Explode!!! Envisage For Larger
Publication In Due Time!

Name: NSU Resources Inc.
Trade: NO_ST
Closed Price: $0.0175
Long Term Target: $.10
Trading Date: Monday, July 15th, 2013

Urgent! You Must Read! My Huge Pick.

Indeed, the stock really did move a lot on Friday, going up from $0.0031 per share to $0.02 by the end of the day. But what actually happened?

The reason for the increase in the share price is simple to see. Between 1pm and 2pm on Friday nearly 5.5 million shares of stock were bought in a 30 minute period at $0.0031 (for a total of about $17,000), probably all by the same party. The usual trade level for this stock is usually zero or close to zero. After 2pm subsequent buying (probably by speculators) added about another 750,000 shares but pushed the share price up to about $0.02 at close, a 545% increase which would (on paper) have netted the spammers a profit of $90,000. Not bad for a day's work.

In August 2010, NOST shares peaked at $5.40 per share. It's been a bit of a rollercoaster since then. Mostly downwards, leaving NOST as a thinly traded penny stock which is exactly the sort of thing that pump and dump spammers like.

The last major pump and dump we saw (HAIR) ran for over a month, and we can expect to see NOST spam for a while yet as the spammer - and perhaps whoever employed them - try to offload worthless shares onto unsuspecting investors. Avoid.

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