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Wednesday 24 July 2013

CNN "Perfect gift for royal baby ... a tree?" spam / nphscards.com

This fake CNN spam leads to malware on nphscards.com:

Date:      Wed, 24 Jul 2013 19:54:18 +0400 [11:54:18 EDT]
From:      "Perfect gift for royal baby ... a tree?" [BreakingNews@mail.cnn.com]
Subject:      "Perfect gift for royal baby ... a tree?" -  BreakingNews CNN

U.S. presidents have spotty record on gifts for royal births
By Jessica Yellin, CNN Chief White House Correspondent
July 24, 2013 -- Updated 0151 GMT (0951 HKT)
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Perfect gift for royal baby ... a tree?


    Gifts for William and Catherine's baby must honor special U.S.-UK relationship
    William got a gift from Reagans when he was born; brother Harry got nothing
    Truman sent telegram for Charles' birth; Coolidge did even less for queen's birth
    Protocol expert suggests American-made crafts -- but no silver spoons

Washington (CNN)�-- What will the Obamas get the royal wee one? Sources say it's a topic under discussion in the White House and at the State Department.

No baby buggy will do. The president and first lady must find a special gift to honor the special relationship between the United States and the United Kingdom.

Kate and William bring home royal baby boy

The payload work in exactly the same way as this fake Facebook spam earlier today and consists of a hacked GoDaddy domain (nphscards.com) hosted on by Linode.

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